Got BONK-ed?

Dive into Bonkswap, BONKbot, and SSL Pools for simplified yield. Join us as we drive Solana's growth with BonkDAO x GooseFX partnership.

Got BONK-ed?


If you’ve been following us on twitter, you must have seen us launching our SSL Pools in collaboration with @bonk_inu !

Well, in this blog we'll be taking a look into what Bonk and GooseFX are, how are the BONK Single Sided Liquidity pool doing and much more!

Stay till the end for some alpha 👀

What is BONK?

If you've been active in the Solana ecosystem for the past year or so, you must have heard about Bonk. However for those that may not know, a simple definition for Bonk would be that is the Solana community's token!

BONK came into existence post-FTX Collapse when the sentiment surrounding Solana was at an All-Time low and with the mission to bing back liquidity on Solana. Deployed as what people had dubbed "A meme token" it took the ecosystem by storm when it was initially airdropped to the Solana community.

Since then, BONK has done justice to what it was set out to do as can be seen in recent Cumulative DEX volumes on Solana breaching $7 Billion mark!

BONK's utility is derived from it's ever expanding integrations and a strong community. Till now, BONK has been integrated across 130+ dApps over 9 different chains! Their community has also increased with over 450,000+ holders on Solana!

With a brief introduction aside, let's take a look at the suite of platforms BONK has built!


BonkSwap is an AMM based decentralized exchange within the Solana ecosystem, driven by a mission to redefine the DEX landscape. Unlike conventional exchanges, BonkSwap offers a unique blend of traditional trading functionalities alongside an ever-expanding array of engaging games and activities.

This innovative approach not only enhances the user experience but also introduces gamified rewards, benefiting both individual users and their cherished communities.

In essence, BonkSwap aims to become the epicenter of degeneracy in Solana, catering to the desires of users while fostering a strong sense of community within the platform.

In pursuit of its goal to maximize value for the Bonk and Solana communities, BonkSwap introduces a novel paradigm, setting it apart from traditional DEXs and elevating the Solana ecosystem to new heights of degeneracy and innovation.

In their latest announcement, BonkSwap has introduced esBONK rewards. After a successful soft production test, this feature is now available to the public. esBONK, inspired by Hxro Liquidity Provider rewards, allows users to earn rewards by providing liquidity to incentivized pools in BonkSwap. By staking esBONK, users can gradually unlock $BONK rewards over 365 days, aligning liquidity providers with the $BONK ecosystem. This marks the beginning of a dynamic ecosystem, rewarding active participants in the $BONK DeFi landscape, with future rewards set to increase through fees from other $BONK ecosystem products.


BONKbot is a Telegram-based trading bot operating on the Solana blockchain, designed to streamline and expedite the trading experience for users, especially those on the go. This user-friendly bot allows you to input a token address directly into your Telegram chat and execute a purchase transaction instantly, eliminating the need for wallet connections, slippage adjustments, or transaction confirmations. Powered by Jupiter for routing, BONKbot stands out as the swiftest method for buying, selling, and managing trades, ensuring that users maintain complete control over their trading activities. The bot applies a 1% fee on each transaction, with allocations designated for various purposes, including team support, referrals, token burning, community contributions, infrastructure maintenance, development, BonkDAO multisig, and BonkLabs funding.

BONKbot redefines the trading process by simplifying it into a seamless Telegram-based interaction, offering speed, convenience, and a structured fee distribution model that benefits both users and the Bonk community.

BONK - GooseFX SSL Pools

If you've been following us, you'd know we launched our BONK SSL Pools in partnership with the BonkDAO.

We're also partnering up with them to launch the 12 Days of BONKmas! Follow our twitter for any upcoming announcements!

If you are unaware about what Single sided liquidity or SSL Pools are, they are liquidity pools based on an in-house proprietary AMM Model that allows use to earn yield on their assets. However, instead of depositing two assets as is the case with traditional AMM pools, you can earn yield just by depositing a single asset in our SSL Pools!

The primary goal of our SSL pools is to enhance and simplify the user experience in generating yield, while also guaranteeing optimal and sustainable returns for liquidity providers.

You can check all the information about our Single Sided Liquidity pools in our docs.

Ending Thoughts

BONK, Solana's community token, has proven its mettle by fostering liquidity and integration across multiple chains. BonkDAO has also introduced multiple products in partnership with various projects like Bonkswap, Bonkbot and our BONK v2 SSL Pools!

As we move into the next year, we can't wait to see what the BonkDAO has in store and work alongside them to propel the Solana ecosystem forward!

Till then, follow our Twitter for something exciting during BONKmas! Thank you for being a part of the GooseFX adventure! 🦢✨

-See you next time


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