What is ABC NFT? A Community-Driven NFT on Solana.

Explore the limitless potential of the ABC NFT, the innovative and community-owned NFT on Solana. Join the growing ecosystem and discover the possibilities of decentralized value creation.

What is ABC NFT? A Community-Driven NFT on Solana.

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Exploring the ABC NFT: A Decentralized Experiment in NFT Value Creation

NFTs have taken the crypto world by storm, with a growing number of projects and communities emerging on various blockchain platforms. One such project is ABC NFT, which stands out in the crowd with its unique features and innovative approach. In this blog, we will take a closer look at ABC NFT, its purpose, and why it is important in the Solana NFT ecosystem.

Source: https://coinmash.co/abc-abracadabra-nft/

What is ABC NFT?

ABC NFT is a collection of 10,000 immutable NFTs with art that is "made to remind you of how fun things were when we were kids, before growing up." The collection has no team, no centralized social media platforms, no roadmap, and no royalties. It was simply dropped with no hype and no mint. ABC NFT is an innovative experiment, the hypothesis being that if you make a collection of NFTs truly immutable and push for an ecosystem of innovation and collaboration, you will inherently create more value than any project's narrow focus ever could.

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Why is ABC NFT important?

The early evidence is pointing towards the affirmative, with dozens of DAOs, partnerships, and collaborations established with many ABC derivatives finding their place. ABC NFT is slowly becoming the heartbeat of the Solana NFT ecosystem whose very existence is drawing significant inflows of capital. As a result, ABC NFT is becoming a dominant marketing engine for Solana NFT projects.

What will ABC NFT become?

ABC NFT is on a path to becoming the backbone of the Solana NFT ecosystem. It is expected to continue to increase in value over the coming months and years. As more and more projects build on top of ABC NFT, the community is snowballing, and the value that can accrue is limitless.

How to participate in ABC NFT?

All you need is to own any number of ABC NFTs. As the project is completely community-owned and has no central team, anyone can create and build anything on top of the art or the community for the greater good of everyone. The value of the project is derived completely from the art and the community, and since the NFTs are immutable, there is no centralized point of technical failure caused by a hack of a wallet with updated authority, etc.

With the help of AMMs like Hadeswap, people no longer have to hold onto their ABC NFTs if they are no longer interested in owning them, they can instantly sell their entire position. This is possible because of liquidity pools on Hadeswap, which allows investors to have a "trial period" and decide whether the value of the project outweighs the initial investment.

ABC Ventures group

It's worth mentioning that the ABC Ventures group is an exclusive group for holders of 30+ ABC NFTs. The group offers exclusive access to a community of holders and the ability to collaborate and build projects together.


ABC NFT is an innovative experiment that has the potential to become the backbone of the Solana NFT ecosystem. It is an attractive investment opportunity for those interested in participating in the Solana NFT ecosystem and being a part of a growing community. The availability of liquidity through AMMs like Hadeswap has drastically changed the way people can access ABC ventures. It has made it easy for people to participate and exit their position at any given time.

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