DRiP'd up! Intro to DripHaus

Learn about DripHaus, droplets and collectibles and more. Get free Collectibles every week from your favorite creators!

DRiP'd up! Intro to DripHaus
DRiP'd up!

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Recently, Solana tweeted a video about DripHaus and how compressed NFTs was the key factor for DripHaus.

However, if you're not active in the NFT space or maybe the Solana ecosystem, you may not know what DripHaus is and how they're a revolutionary NFT platform.

So, in this short blog, we'll be taking a look at Drip and how you can utilize their platform whether you're a collector, fan of an artist or the artist itself!

Let's get Dripped!

What is DRiPHaus?

Imagine a cool place where you can collect digital collectibles or NFTs from your favorite creators, and guess what? It won't cost you a dime! Yeah, you heard it right. That's exactly what DripHaus is in a nutshell!

They're all about spreading love to their community, thanking everyone for being so awesome.

Here's the simplified version on how it works: you hop on the site, check out the latest drops, and snag some seriously cool stuff. They've got everything from legendary to ultimate collectibles, and trust me, you don't wanna miss out.

From the infamous DegenPoet's ultimate collection to DegenApeAcademy with their memes and newer artists popping up - just to name a few. Each drop happens on a specific date, and there's only a limited number available, so you gotta be quick!

Few collections on DripHaus

But wait, there's more! DRiP Haus isn't just about collecting; they're all about celebrating creators too. They shine a spotlight on awesome folks like Nachopcors, LC Illustrates and their recent artist JimiAlbert.

By supporting these creators, you not only build your collection but also become part of this awesome community they're building.

Oh, and did I mention they're not just about art? They've even got music vibes with their DropNation drop. So yeah, DRiP Haus is basically the place to be for all things cool and creative!

Latest drops by DropNation

Compressed NFTs

As mentioned by Vibhu, DripHaus wouldn't exist if it was for Compressed NFTs. (cNFTs) We all know what NFTs are but what exactly are Compressed NFTs?

Well, NFT compression is like shrinking their size while keeping all the good stuff intact. This is achieved through complex algorithms employed for efficient data encoding thus enhancing the storage, transmission and processing capabilities on Solana.

And guess what? DripHaus is leading the charge on this front. They're using NFT compression to create top-notch digital assets that don't hog up too much space on the blockchain. It's a win-win: same awesome quality, but with a smaller footprint!

How to discover and collect new art

Well, for new users, it's very simple! Just connect your wallet, discover some artists that you like and subscribe to them! No really, it's that simple!

Additionally, you can also "Thank" them by dropping them your Droplets which could provide better perks such as getting rare or even legendary art dropped to you depending on the artist.

Friendly advice from this intern, Thank the creators. It shows how much you support them and helps them push more art!
How to Thank a creator on DripHaus

Why should you do it?

So, here's the scoop: DripHaus, according to Vibhu, is all about supporting artists without breaking your bank. Liking their art only costs you a measly droplet, but when you and thousands of others do it, it adds up and helps the artists earn a decent revenue. In Intern's opinion, it's a small gesture that goes a long way in showing some love to these talented creators!

We recommend you to not only join DripHaus and start supporting some creators, but also invite your friends to do the same!

Invite code for 1 person for DRiPHaus

Ending Thoughts

If you're a creator just getting started, DRiP is where it's at for you— they've got a whopping 500k active users and counting, so you can focus on your craft while they handle the marketing and distribution jazz.

But here's the kicker: you don't just create for free. Nope, DRiP pays you for your hard work through their DRiP Creator Fund and can also get donations by your supporters.

Donations by Artist. Source: DRiPHaus

DRiP's unique style allowed them to mint almost 9 MILLION NFTs in one week! And get this: They did it for super low fees thanks to compressed NFTs — like, you can create 1 million NFTs for just $100!

Finally they've also teamed up with Tensor - the top Solana NFT marketplace so you can list and trade your DRiP cNFTs with ease.

and that's all for this blog! We hope you enjoyed our short blog on DripHaus.

Till the next blog,

Intern out

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