GooseFX — August Update

NFT Launchpad, Prism/Jupiter Integration, Perpetuals!

GooseFX — August Update

NFT Launchpad, Prism/Jupiter Integration, Perpetuals!

GooseFX NFT Launchpad Now Live! 🚀

Team Goose just built the best NFT Launchpad experience on Solana

With our launchpad implementation, we are taking several unique steps forward for the NFT community on Solana, with thoughtful mechanics and optionality to help increase transparency for both creators and collectors.

GooseFX Launchpad Offers

1. Multicurrency support (SOL and $USDC)

  • Collectors can now choose between $SOL and $USDC to participate in mints

2. Anti-Bot Mint

  • Unique @civickey Captcha Pass enforced mints (with facial recognition possible in the future)
  • In-house implementation of nonce transactions to provide a bot-free minting experience on our launchpad.

3. Optional Creator Vesting

  • Creators can assign milestones and vesting timelines to show how they intend to build their community post-mint.

4. Wallet-Based On-chain Whitelist

  • In-house custom smart contract to manage wallet-based Whitelist tiers for your collection

5. Multiple Whitelist Tier Support

  • GooseFX supports multiple wallet-based Whitelist tiers with the option to set custom prices for every different tier.

6. Mint Freeze Period

  • Newly minted NFTs can be frozen in the minter’s wallet until the collection creator lifts the freeze!

7. Hidden Reveal

  • NFTs metadata is hidden upon initial mint. Allowing the creator to control when the community gets to see the final assets and metadata of the NFT

GooseFX is the next-gen launchpad on Solana, enabling you to have a seamless & smooth mint experience. Need a mint? We’ve got you covered.

Collaborations 🤝

Our recent collaboration with Pyth Network featuring GooseFX Launchpad!

We also have integrated with PRISM, a swap aggregator in the Solana ecosystem. By next week we should be live and you will be able to see GooseFX as one of the top routes for major tokens.

We are also adding $ORCA and $USDT to our SSL pools (single-sided liquidity).

We recently collaborated with Ledger and other Solana Projects like MagicEden discussing Web3 security & how to stay safe in this space!
At GooseFX we never compromise over security 🤝

Sharing some Alpha here🤫, GooseFX is now closely working with xNFTs.

New Listings on GooseFX NFT Marketplace🎨

We just listed over 60+ NFT collections on GooseFX NFT Marketplace. It's time to Ape into your favourite NFTs!

Team Updates ✅

GooseFX welcomes a new marketing and Biz-Dev member to maximize our growth and future collaborations.

Roadmap Updates 🛣

Perps are coming soon! We’ve finally begun developing our perpetual trading engine will be finalized by September. By the end of Q3 2022, all our features will be live on Mainnet! This includes our CLMM (Swap), DEX with Spot/Perps, NFT Exchange + Launchpad, and our Single Sided Liquidity Pools/Staking.

Community Updates🤙

We also hosted a Meme & ART competition with rewards worth 1000$+ an opportunity for our community members to showcase their talent & earn rewards while having fun being a part of #GooseGang

Join the #GooseGang below

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Disclaimer: The statements, proposals, and details above are informational only, and subject to change. We are in early-stage development and may need to change dates, details, or the project as a whole based on the protocol, team, legal or regulatory needs, or due to developments of Solana/Serum. Nothing above should be construed as financial, legal, or investment advice.