GooseFX —September Update

NestQuest, Security Audits, new collaborations & Ambassador Program. GooseFX chewing glass every season. 💪

GooseFX —September Update

NestQuest, Security Audits, new collaborations & Ambassador Program. GooseFX chewing glass every season. 💪

🥚 NestQuest

The wait is finally over!

NestQuest NFTs are now listed and tradeable across all marketplaces on Solana; GooseFX NFT Marketplace, Magic Eden, and Hyperspace.

NestQuest is a gamified leaderboard and rewards tracking program intended to promote the launch of each of the GooseFX platform features. Play the game, gain prestige in the GooseFX community and level up your NFT to unlock additional rewards and added benefits on the platform. Added benefits include:

  • Reduced platform fees
  • Priority access to future features
  • Access the NestQuest NFT Gated discord channels
  • Level 6 Citadel NFT will grant permanent whitelist access to our NFT Launchpad

The all-new Chest Game

NestQuest Tier 3 NFT holders can now play the chest guessing game on to win and claim NestQuest orbs.

Inventory Update

The latest NestQuest update introduced a lot of new content and significant changes to NestQuest, one of them being the user inventory system. Users can now manage multiple NQ NFTs with the all-new Inventory management.

NestQuest Orbs

If you have a T3 NestQuest NFT, you get one chance to open a chest every 24 hours. Lucky users will get a chance to claim a NestQuest Orb. 🔮

Development Updates 👨‍💻

We are pleased to announce that GooseFX passed the smart contract security audit performed by OtterSec with no critical bugs.

All low-level vulnerabilities have been patched and fixed after the audit.

GooseFX focuses on building a true DeFi solution on Solana. It's our goal to provide the most secure smart contracts and make our ecosystem more robust and resilient to attacks and vulnerabilities. OtterSec was our 2nd smart contract audit at GooseFX, prioritizing user security to provide the most secure DeFi Apps on Solana.

Link to the full audit report by OtterSec:

Solana HH Stockholm

#GooseGang chewing glass at Solana Hacker House Stockholm

Collaborations 🤝

GooseFX is now available at SolanaSpaces Miami 🔥

Pyth Network Oracle now tracks $GOFX

New Listings on GooseFX NFT Marketplace🎨

New NFT collections are now available at GooseFX NFT Marketplace. It’s time to Ape into your favourite NFTs!

Team Updates ✅

GooseFX welcomes a new Anchor/Rust Intern to the team.

Community Updates🤙

We launched the GooseFX Ambassador Program welcoming our talented community members to join the GooseGang family.

Join the #GooseGang below

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