GooseFX - March Update (2024)

Welcome to GooseFX's March Monthly Update! Dive into our SSL Pools, Perps DEX, strategic shift away from NFTs and much more.

GooseFX - March Update (2024)
GooseFX March Update

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Did you know, GooseFX's SSL pools soared past $658 million in volume, generating over $1,300,000 in fees?

• $650K distributed liquidity providers

• $130K used to buy & burn $GOFX from market

• $97.5K in USDC distributed to $GOFX stakers

Join us as we delve into the highlights of our recent updates!

GooseFX's Perps DEX Update

GooseFX Perps DEX built on a unique Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) model. Unlike traditional automated market maker (AMM) models, the CLOB model offers users a trading experience similar to centralized exchanges, providing greater control over order execution and price discovery.

GooseFX Perps DEX

We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone for our Perps DEX – crossing over $2.1 million in trading volume

New Features

  • To enhance user experience, we introduced Trader Profiles. These profiles will allow users to track their deposits, funding, and trade history all from a single dashboard.
  • Team Goose is all set the launch perps v2 for GooseFX. Expect a smoother and efficient trading experience with a redefined mobile trading experience.
  • GooseFX Perps Python SDK Update! now access L2 and L3 Orderbooks.

But what does this mean for you?

  • Enhanced Trading Experience
  • Expanded Accessibility
  • The python SDK helps to unleash the full potential of our perps DEX
Keep trading on GooseFX Perps. All our early perp traders are in for a surprise 🪂

SSL Pools Updates

Single Sided Liquidity (SSL) a Solana DeFi breakthrough, simplify liquidity provision. Unlike traditional liquidity pools that needs you to deposit two assets. The GooseFX SSL pool solves this by allowing you to deposit just ONE asset to be a liquidity provider. This makes it easier for users, who no longer have to handle multiple assets while providing liquidity. SSL makes it easier to take part in LPing by making the user experience seamless.

GooseFX SSL Pools

SSL Performance Highlights

  • The TVL of SSL Pools has surpassed $18.2 million
  • The trading volume within SSL Pools has exceeded $658.25 million
  • SSL Pools have generated over $1.3 million in fees.

The fees from our SSL pools support GooseFX's growth by distributing it among liquidity providers, $GOFX stakers, and $GOFX buybacks.

SSL Enhancements this month - Rust Back tester
Over the past few weeks, GooseFX has dedicated efforts to enhance the SSL Pools. Here's a breakdown of the improvements we've made and what they mean for you

  • Transitioned from Python to Rust for improved data handling capabilities, leveraging over 500 GB of data from Jupiter Exchange and Pyth Network for pool back testing.
  • We upgraded database engines to handle large data volumes efficiently, enabling our chad quants to test various strategies and parameters.
  • Implementation of enhanced chunking mechanism for precise analysis of pool balances, fees, and volumes, crucial for understanding AMM performance.
  • Benefits for Users: With upgraded infrastructure, users can expect faster testing of strategies, leading to highly optimized parameters for SSL Pools and minimized risks.
  • Future Plans: Short-term focus on stabilizing fees generated, with a long-term commitment to building Solana's DeFi destination with consistent volume, optimized fees, and minimal risk.

Transitioning to Rust for enhanced data handling and implementing advanced infrastructure upgrades have further strengthened SSL Pools' performance and user experience. Additionally, we plan to expand SSL Pools to include tokens like JTO, PYTH, BSOL, and JUP.


Goosegang asked and we delivered! Devs added an early withdrawal penalty. Both of these changes are done to ensure that your rewards don't get diluted by any bigger entities!

Phasing out the NFT Aggregator

We've made the decision to phase out our NFT Aggregator and concentrate solely on our DeFi offerings. By deprecateour NFT Aggregator and shift our focus towards bringing you the best Solana DeFi experience possible!


Please de-list your NFTs if you haven't already using the links ↓

• GooseFX NFT v1
• GooseFX NFT v2

As we bid farewell to our NFT Aggregator, we're more committed than ever to our mission of empowering users to make the most of their DeFi experience.

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Wrapping up

GooseFX experienced significant milestones across its platform, including the Perps DEX surpassing $2.1 million in trading volume and SSL Pools generating over $1.3 million in fees.

New features and enhancements, such as Trader Profiles and the Perps Python SDK update, further improved the user experience. Additionally, GooseFX announced the phase-out of its NFT Aggregator to focus solely on DeFi offerings.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, announcements, and opportunities to be part of the GooseFX community. Your trust and support mean the world to us!

Stay Tuned with #GooseAcademy

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