GooseFX - May Update (2023)

Join the GooseFX revolution in DeFi with the launch of our Perpetuals DEX platform on Solana, offering advanced features and 10x leverage. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

GooseFX - May Update (2023)

As we move closer to summer, the GooseFX team is excited to bring you our latest monthly update. From the launch of our Perpetuals DEX platform on Solana to our successful mainnet trading competition, we've had an eventful and productive month. Join us as we look closer at our achievements and what's to come. Let's get started!

Product Launch

We launched our highly anticipated Perpetuals DEX platform on Solana, based on a CLOB (Central Limit Order Book) model, the GooseFX Perpetuals DEX platform on Solana mainnet. Providing our users with a CEX-like trading experience and advanced features such as customization options, 10x leverage, and order limits.

To celebrate this significant milestone, we partnered with Bonk Inu to launch the Bonk Brawls Trading Competition. The competition ran from April 19th to May 5th, and traders had the chance to win up to 6 billion $BONK tokens from the prize pool.

The competition rules included:

  • Maximum leverage of 10x
  • Minimum trading volume of $500 to be eligible for rewards
  • Trading pair: SOL/USDC
  • Only positions closed within the competition period were considered
  • Final ranking based on net profit

Feedback Prizes

We highly value your feedback! To encourage users to share their thoughts on our Perps DEX, we offered a 2 billion $BONK prize pool. Over ten users provided valuable feedback, and we're actively working on implementing the necessary changes to improve the platform.

GooseFX Perps SDK Launch

On April 29th, we launched the GooseFX Perps SDK, making it easier for developers and market makers to interact with our platform. This new addition is perfect for those looking to access our platform programmatically.

Get started with the SDK by visiting

Trading Competitions and Achievements

In early April, we wrapped up the GooseFX devnet trading competition with over 110 traders participating, generating more than $1.9 million in volume within two weeks. We also celebrated the competition winners on April 11th, with 20 victorious traders showcasing their trading skills.

Blog of the Month

Introducing GooseFX Perps Dex: Updates and Future Plans
This blog talks about our devnet trading competition. basics of perpetual futures, what our dex offers as well as our future plans.

Our blogs provide valuable insights into the world of DeFi and cryptocurrency markets, helping traders stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

Community Engagement

We are actively engaging with our community on Twitter and Discord, hosting surprise airdrops and keeping everyone up to date on our latest developments. We're grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our community members.


At GooseFX, we are committed to providing our users with the best trading experience possible, and we will continue to innovate and bring new features to our platform. We are thrilled with the positive feedback we received from our users and look forward to bringing even more exciting features and functionality in the months ahead. Thank you to all our users and investors for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates!

Stay Tuned with #GooseGang

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Disclaimer: The statements, proposals, and details above are informational only, and subject to change. We are in early-stage development and may need to change dates, details, or the project as a whole based on the protocol, team, legal or regulatory needs, or due to developments of Solana/Serum. Nothing above should be construed as financial, legal, or investment advice.