NestQuest — The GooseFX NFT-RPG

Introducing NestQuest, GooseFXs on-chain, browser based, NFT-RPG. Interact directly with your companion-NFTs while completing quest…

NestQuest — The GooseFX NFT-RPG
Tier 1 — Egg

Introducing NestQuest — GooseFXs on-chain, browser based, NFT-RPG which will serve as an interactive platform tutorial to help onboard users to the platform. Through NestQuest users will interact directly with their companion-NFTs while completing quest objectives based on GFX platform functionality. As you progress through the game, you will learn everything there is to know about the GFX platform and your NFT companion will aid you with clues as you advance towards the ultimate goal of reaching the Goose Citadel.

The first tier of the NestQuest game is free! That’s right! We are giving away thousands of NestQuest Egg NFTs to all of our community members. There will be a maximum of six tiers total in the NestQuest evolution. After evolving to Tier 2 by holding your Tier 1 Egg for 30 days and interacting with our browser based game you will be eligible to start earing $GOFX in your wallet.

We hold the belief that games are better when you can play with your friends and want to include everyone in NestQuest from the get-go.

With that said, not all players will be able to reach the final tier of Goose Citadel. We have to keep things interesting and to do that the top tiers will be limited to the fastest players to complete the NestQuest.

At some point in the future we will convert the Tier 1 egg NFTs to a purchase only mode to acquire and all revenue from sales will be donated to our charity initiative.

As you learn more about the GooseFX platform, remember we have a continual bug bounty program and welcome new community members to point out any issues you may uncover; we also offer rewards for doing so!

Upcoming Community Events

At 12pm Est on 12/8/21, the GooseFX core contributors will be hosting an AMA in our discord server. We welcome all to attend and bring your questions for us to answer at that time. During the AMA we will also be distributing some of the NestQuest Eggs for the best questions from the audience.


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